Soul of a Classic

Mike Burrough's BMW E9

 I have tried explaining my love for classic cars to no avail.

I don’t even know how it started but I remember having a little disposable income and riding in a pal’s E30 that had an exhaust leak… and the sound of the straight six! Enough said! I didn’t research on the car, I didn’t ask for a service history, I just went to the bank, got the cash and bought it. Later that evening I went online and bought a service manual and 101 performance projects for the 3 series because in my head I had BIG dreams for the car some of which were fulfilled.

The books

When it was in my possession, it gave me a myriad of problems that I ended up spending every shilling I had to repair, fix and keep it on the road but am not complaing.

I remember the engine purr… the perfect lines… the factory chrome bits…. the exhaust tune… the torque…. My God! I know for the period I had that car, I only switched on the radio twice as she demanded lots of attention. I sold her on 31st Dec 2011 and am now in the field looking for another car to buy… I know I need a reliable daily driver but on the other hand, I have seen some classic S280 & S280S’ that have refused to leave my heart.


I have really tried to run but I can’t, because these cars have so much soul, lots of appeal, and a happy heart; you can’t help but fall in love. Then I saw Steve Brooks  film and I was like wow… am not alone. I am not the only one under the spell of the Classic…

Mike Burrough’s E9

Footage courtesy Steve Brooks


5 thoughts on “Soul of a Classic

  1. Join the club, mzee…or rather, re-join the club. Once you get your classic reliable and running (relatively speaking), its all about “smiles-per-hour”…I just finished putting in the engine on my second W108, and the drive home…, I looked like a jinga smiling the whole way….

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