Tata Safari SUV Masquerading as a Range Rover Evoque

What would a Tata Safari wear if it was invited to a masquerade ball?

India‘s Big Daddy Customs has the answer… as a Range Rover Evoque dubbed Moon Rover.

Here are a few more pics…

It’s not entirely dreadful, browse through the gallery.


Story Courtesy Autoblog

Tata Safari Pic Courtesy indianautosblog.com

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7 thoughts on “Tata Safari SUV Masquerading as a Range Rover Evoque

  1. From a far, the car looks nice. But on closer inspection, it is anything but! That interior is doubly pathetic and that rear double-exhaust….. iCant!!

  2. Reminds me of that neat ad out of India some time back with the chap who tried turning his ride into a Peugeot….with the help of an Elephant…but this one with lasers and all that fancy stuff!!

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