A couple of Automotive Enthusiasts sat down right after the Westgate Hotrides Show and had a couple of beers *I presume* onto which a road rally event was hatched.

After a lot of back and forth… that never happens when you are having liquid bread… The Great Run was hatched.

If you are familiar with the Gumball 3000, the annual 4,800kms international road rally that takes place on public roads, then The Great Run is the Kenyan version of the same… only that this won’t be a race… just a couple of car enthusiast get to spend a day driving on the great Kenyan roads, make friends, forge partnerships and bond with their machines.

So if you are looking for a plan this Saturday the 14th, your car and wallet are in good shape and you don’t mind thrashing down to Namanga, then download the form below, fill it and drop it at Auto Art Garage, Enterprise Road at the Total Petrol Station together with and entry fee of 1,000 Kenya Shillings as you pick your event merchandise & vehicle branding. You can also MPESA to +254 726 388900 and you will be handed your start up pack at the pre-event briefing on Saturday.

Besides the polite run, the organizers of The Great Run wanted to make sure that this event is bigger that themselves,

… They would like to donate dry food stuff, clothing, beddings, stationery, computers or cash to the kids at Hawa Children’s Home.

The home is situated 15km from Kitengela town is home to 24 kids at the moment but can accommodate up to 200 kids…

So bring your best to the event and let’s put a smile on these kids’ hearts.


0900 – Grouping, Briefing & stocking up with snacks & drinks TOTAL Service Station off Limuru Rd
0945 – Run commences
1045 – Drop off donations at Hawa Children’s Home, Kitengela
1100 – Proceed to Kajiado
1130 – Re-group at Kajiado
1145 – Proceed to Namanga
1230 – Arrival Namanga. Re-group, refresh & photoshoot
1330 – Return leg to Nairobi
1415 – Re-group Kajiado
1430 – Leave Kajiado
1600 – Re-group & de-brief TOTAL Service Station off Limuru Rd
1630 – Proceed to Mystique Gardens, Westlands for Koroga!
1930 – Conclude party phase 1
2100 – Commence party phase 2 until dawn!

The event is sponsored by Auto Art, The Motoring Press Agency, Motor Trader, Gimrite and PCEA, St Andrews Church.


‎1. All cars will be fitted with speed governors restricting top speed to 50kph at the start and the police will lead the convoy into & out of Namanga ensuring speed limits are adhered to.
2. Each vehicle will have to pass strict levels of scrutineering including having a mobile dyno on site ensuring none of the cars produce more than 87 bhp at the flywheel.
3. Officials will be on site to ensure all cars are equipped with ejectable seats & life boats in case of an emergency.
4. All drivers will be required to blow into a breathalyzer every 14 kms.
5. The cars will be fitted with GPS tracking devices that will allow the officials in France to monitor tyre pressures, g forces, brake disc temps, engine rpm & AFRs for each vehicle allowing them to remotely disable ignition to each car in case of a breach in regulations.

See you on Saturday… I’ll be in one of the 25 cars that have already registered….

Pictures courtesy PichAfriq

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