Volkswagen Amarok For Military Applications

Rheinmetall Defense took a stock Volkswagen Amarok

And made this…

A Light Multi-Purpose Vehicle for military applications.

Unveiled recently at the Eurosatory defense expo in Paris (the Geneva Motor Show of military hardware)

The options list include a reinforced suspension, advanced communications systems and an automated, motorized turret for a machine gun or grenade launcher.

You can also get it in a variety of engines ranging up to 177 horsepower mated to either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission.

CMC, see how you can get the VW Amarock into the military programme?

Story Courtesy Autoblog

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2 thoughts on “Volkswagen Amarok For Military Applications

  1. Now this I’d recommend for Kenya military in addition to the humvees…….. It can be a great utility vehicle even for Kenya Forest Service and KWS. I have especially like that yellow one especially that bull-bar with the power winch! Imagine a double-cab Amarok, black in colour with tinted windows and with the tjm bullbars incl winch with sidesteps….matatus zitakaa kando na wewe! Hahaha!!

    Nice one!

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