Events: The Westgate Shopping Mall Hot Rides Show

Some of the most spectacular events in a car guy’s calender happen  in the month of June. We started off the month with Rhinocharge,

(c) Amaan Ali Fazal

Then Came the Safari Rally,


And just before we head to Jamuhuri Park for the Autocross, this Sunday,


We’ll be treated to some of the hottest rides and bikes in the +254!

(c) RoyKing

The Westgate Shopping Mall Hot Rides Show is Back!

This Saturday the 16th, come and feast your eyes on some of Kenya’s hottest cars, liter bikes, cruisers and more…

(c) RoyKing

To register your car/bike for the show, call 0701/0775 557 775.

Besides the cars, there’s entertainment& challenging activities for men to celebrate father’s day…

Ps. Enterance is free…

(c) RoyKing

The Westgate Shopping Mall Hot Rides Show, sponsored by Gillette &Easy FM.

(c) RoyKing

(c) RoyKing

I’ll see you there, right?

Here are some pictures from last year’s show…

Photos Courtesy RoyKing, Amaan Ali Fazal, CMONCY IMAGES & Naftali Thaithi.

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4 thoughts on “Events: The Westgate Shopping Mall Hot Rides Show

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  3. Love your work! Its purely amazing! Look out for the Rift Valley Motor Show to be held in Dec 8th and 9th at the RIFT VALLEY SPORTS CLUB, NAKURU!
    For Details call me on 0722319840!

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