News: Land Rover Freelander and Evoque to Use Chery Engines

A month ago, Jaguar Land Rover signed a joint-venture agreement with China‘s Chery Automobile Company.

JLR’s 12.1 billion Yuan ($1.9 billion U.S.) investment was to pay for a plant in Changsu to build Jaguars, Land Rovers, engines and joint-venture models. The proposed factory will have a capacity of 130,000 units… that was the news a week ago

According to China’s Economic Daily News, The 130,000-capacity factory planned for Jiangsu is expected to mint its first vehicle in 2014, with numbers given for the breakdown so far as: 43,000 Land Rover Freelander 2s, 34,000 Range Rover Evoque models (called the Aurora in China) and, according to Google Translate, “the joint venture brand vehicles of 23,000 Jaguar sedan.”

More interestingly, the locally-made engines will be JLR’s 3.0-liter V6 alongside two Chery motors, a 1.6-liter TGDI turbo and a 2.0-liter TGDI, with plans to “gradually introduce” the Chery engines into the Land Rovers

I can’t remember who said that the current financial environment dictates that car manufactures either partner or die but how would you feel driving a Freelander/ Evoque with a Chery engine?

News Source: Autoblog via [Chinese][Translated] , Car News China

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7 thoughts on “News: Land Rover Freelander and Evoque to Use Chery Engines

  1. Hapa ni kuchezewa sasa! If they will use Chery engines, will they be cheaper?
    How reliable are these engine? Has Chery been in business long enough to know about its strengths and weakness? How long has this Chery been running? Just seen Chery-Rav4 look a like. Looks well on the outside and the interior seems well trimmed. But….hey its Chinese!

  2. they will have officially sold the pride that came with the JLR-ness… now I’m buying a tiggo? c’mon …mass production doesn’t solve the problem at all..

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