News: BMW is the Most Valuable Car Brand

Market researchers Milward Brown have given BMW the highest ranking of any carmaker in their latest release of its BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study.

Toyota – last year’s winner – finished second with its drop attributed to its production interruptions due to the natural disasters that affected all of the Japanese automakers last year and was followed by Mercedes-BenzHonda and Nissan.

BMW’s win among auto manufacturers was only enough to place it 23rd in the overall brand ranking, with an estimated brand value of $24.6 billion. Toyota’s valuation was $21.8 billion, Mercedes-Benz and Honda far behind at $16.1 billion and $12.7 billion respectively. No other carmaker had a valuation over $10 billion.

The good news for BMW enthusiasts doesn’t end there. According to, BMW’s North American boss, Ludwig Willisch, has confirmed that the next-generation M3 will be powered by an inline six-cylinder engine. That’s right, the V8 is dead and the rumors of a possible V6 have officially been squashed and all that’s left to speculate on is exactly how much help the new inline-six will get from forced induction.

In order to be more powerful than the current M3, no less than two turbochargers will likely be bolted to the new six-cylinder powerplant. There are rumors of a tri-turbo setup being engineered for use in the M3. That’ll be good for about 450 horsepower.

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13 thoughts on “News: BMW is the Most Valuable Car Brand

    • The V8 screws up the balance of the 3 series.
      and there’s nothing like the sound, the power, the torque, the balance and smiles of a 6 cylinder in a 3 series. i have owned and rebuilt one. i know.

      • Well really the point of all M-Sport cars is the V8 engine. I’d rather they make the car suit the engine than the engine suit the car

      • Have you owned/driven a BMW E30/E36 with a healthy 6 Cylinder engine? That’s what was winning the DTM and a handful of rallies.
        The 3 series is the happiest sport sedan you’ll ever drive. I don’t want them to change a thing. Gimme more torque, better cooling n a better exhaust and am done.

      • No I haven’t. The closest I have come to that is a 4 cylinder E46… I guess experience is the best teacher so I’ll leave it at that. But its sad that M-Sport and V8 will no longer be synonymous

      • Boss, we are talking BMW 3series. Kuna 1M, 5series, 6series,7series and the X range for them to toy with. Just 3series is reverting to the classic 6cylinder.

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