Anyone who knows me knows that it takes a crisis for me to leave the house on Sunday…

It’s usually my day to rest, no blogging, meetings or dates… not unless KPLC strikes.

Last Sunday I happened to be up when Amaan called to ask if I’d like to go to test the team’s Rhino Charge Classic Range Rover and since no one turns down a ride in a V8, I was out of bed, into the shower and out of the house…

I met up with him, his bro Alykhan, Autocross New Kid On the block- AmaanRaj, The seriously insane Calvin DeSouza, Amaan Kassam and the strip Joint owner Lionel ‘Seagal’ for a day of testing, muddin, play& Koroga at the EA Portland Quarry…

Here are some Pics and Videos I took with my Nokia N9….

See more pictures below

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7 thoughts on “Muddin

  1. Walala……!! That jeep is nasty…….!! Those wheels…..!! Hata Range haifiki that jeep!! I like the way they are bathed in mud! One question though, did the jeep come with the auto transmission or did they modify it to that? And why?

    That V8 bullbar is just tops!! Ma3 guys can’t dare karibia that monster!! Now when called for this no, matter the day, trust me, hata hangie inaisha!!

    Good one!

    • When he bought the car it had a 3 speed tranny & a pitiable Nissan engine. Its now powered by a Lexus V8, Motec ECU and sits on a Prado Chassis. Wheels are 29.5” Pitbull Rockers. Whatever remains of the original Jeep is just the cabin. The whole tail part is custom made….

      The Rangie is BOSS! Its a 3.9L V8, stock tranny, beefed up suspension and Kevlar Tyres… it finished number 8 in Last Years Rhino charge… that’s why am saying its BOSS. Don’t let the looks fool you. and yes… he chapas matatus just for kicks:-)

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