Audi buys Ducati

As the rumor mill suggested, Audi AG has officially bought the motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati for a whopping $1.1b… check mate BMW

The company was founded by Adriano and Marcello Ducati in Bologna in 1926. Known originally as Società Scientifica Radiobrevetti Ducati, it initially built parts for radios. It ventured into the manufacture of motorcycles in 1949.  In 2011, Ducati sold around 42,000 motorcycles and generated revenue of some €480 million, employing around 1,100 people.

With the acquisition of Ducati, Audi intends to learn a few things from ‘the 3rd pillar of its business’ including the control systems, combustion chamber process and competence in lightweight construction

This move has seen Audi join the few automakers that also make motorcycles: PeugeotHondaSuzuki, and BMW.

Ready for a TFSi powered bike?

Story by Autoblog

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3 thoughts on “Audi buys Ducati

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