Judge Meets a Luopean

I swear this guy has must be a Luopean!

Dmitiri Krioukov, a physicist with the University of California, recently pleaded his way out of a fine for rolling through a stop sign using the power of mathematics.

Krioukov was declared innocent and spared the $400 fine when he presented his case using a four-page physics paper stating the differences between linear and angular motion to prove that he came to a complete stop before accelerating again just as fast so it appeared as if he never stopped at all …

But the story doesn’t end there. The physicist left a flaw in his proof, and has invited everyone to see if they can figure it out.

The thing that makes me doubt he’s Luopean is that he was driving what @ArcherMishale calls a Fridge magnet…aka  Toyota Yaris… aka a VITZ!!

Story by Autoblog

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