Event and Tickets Give away: Athi 4X4 Challenge

Motorsport is devoid without enthusiasts

That’s why a couple of hardcore 4×4 enthusiasts who love mud, hill climbs, tyre pits, flexing their axles and know what diff locks are sought to keep the spirit of the Quattro charge alive with the Athi 4X4 Challenge.

So free up your Sunday and join in the fun at the Athi Hopcraft Ranch next to Portland cement, opposite Lukenya.

P.S If you can define Diff-Lock in layman’s terms… I have a couple of tickets to give away.

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10 thoughts on “Event and Tickets Give away: Athi 4X4 Challenge

  1. the diff lock fitted as standard equipment to all permanent 4WD’s does nothing more than make it the same as the “lesser” part-time 4WD’s when in four wheel drive. A permanent 4WD has a centre differential whereas a part-time 4WD does not. The diff lock only locks the centre diff and has nothing to do with the differential on the front and rear axles.

    The diff lock most 4WDrivers talk about, and the one refered to in this article, is when its fitted to the front or rear axle of the vehicle. Its here that the mystic begins. A ‘normal’ differential transmits drive to both wheels equally when they receive equal traction, but when one wheel loses traction, the diff actually transmits more drive to that wheel. Hence you can become stuck in 2WD with only one wheel bogged. Similairly, when in 4WD you can be bogged with one front and one rear wheel without traction. So your 4WD is really only a 2WD, with one front and one rear wheel providing all forward momentum.

  2. about diif lock without referring anywhere is when a diff is locked it means the rear wheels also recieve power in addition to the front ones whch always receive power so wen one locks a diff all four wheels recieve power from engines

  3. A moti will either be front wheel driven axle or rear wheel driven axle . The driven wheels will turn at different speeds to allow for cornering (rolling radius) or sometimes even different tyre sizes ( say if you have standard 17s and want to put 19s).

    The powered axle be it front or rear will ave what we call a differential. The setting whereby you can lock and essentially force all wheels to move at the same speed is what I would call “Diff Lock”. Simples !!!

  4. I’d start by explaining what a diff is (a bimbo wouldn’t know that either 🙂

    A differential, (or “diff”) is a mechanism that transfers power from a car’s engine to the wheels. This power is a “turning force”, also known as “torque”. Most diffs also change the direction of the torque. Think of the letter “T”. The horizontal line would be a shaft called “axle”. The axle is actually made up of two shafts, each connecting to its own wheel, and they’re usually called “drive shafts”. The vertical line of the “T” would be another shaft connecting to the engine, usually called a “propeller shaft.”

    The easiest way to see this system is to look under a high vehicle such as a truck. The round “pot” in the middle is the diff; the drive shafts run left and right to the wheels; and the propeller shaft goes towards the front of the truck. Usually the propeller shaft is visible and you can see it spin, but in most trucks the drive shafts are hidden in the same housing as the diff. In smaller cars the drive shafts are visible.

    An ordinary diff allows the two connected shafts to rotate at different speeds (hence the name differential). This makes turning easier, because in a turn the outer wheel needs to cover a greater distance than the inner wheel, and so needs to rotate faster.But in cases where one wheel has less grip (called traction), an ordinary diff will send all the torque to it causing it to spin and waste all the torque while the wheel which has traction does not turn. For example if the left wheel is in a pool of mud and the right wheel is on solid ground, the left wheel would spin, and the car would not move.

    A diff lock prevents this from happening by ensuring that the torque is sent to both wheels equally. This will make the stuck wheel rotate as well, and the torque will go into freeing it. It’s very useful for off-road driving and in slippery conditions (mud and ice/snow).

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