NEWS: BMW F30-based 3 Series Racer

Am a big BMW Fanboy… former 3 Series E30 owner and this one made me go DAMN!

While some journalists are still waiting to get a ride in the New BMW 3 Series F30 (that includes me), BMW South Africa and ADF Motorsport partnered up with ADF Motorsport to create this sick 335i racer.

Even though the N55 turbo straight six has to conform to series regulations that include a restrictor plate on the turbo and limited boost, ADF and friends have worked over the turbo, exhaust, and ECU, however, so the power train is still good for over 400 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque.

Using carbon fiber components from the M Performance catalog, this beast has lost weight to down to 2,998 pounds and also features a set of 14.5-inch front brake discs and 18 inch wheels from the minds at M.

ADF Motorsport says this is the first example of a production-based direct-injected racecar and it took less than two months to build with a price tag of $260,000.

Story by Autoblog

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