Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT Enters Production

The moment all Rear Wheel Drive enthusiasts have been waiting for is here with us.

The Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ compact rear-wheel-drive sports cars have entered production.

 An official ceremony was held at Subaru‘s Gunma Main Plant, attended by Toyota president Akio Toyoda

Subaru pushed the Big Red Button that sent BRZ and Toyota GT 86 coupes down the assembly line.

Here’s to hoping we’ll see one in Kenya…

If you haven’t seen a review on either of the cars, here’s Chris Harris thrashing the GT86 on its launch

Story by Autoblog

Chris Harris Footage Courtesy  

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5 thoughts on “Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT Enters Production

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  2. question is since they are both the exact same car which one would you go for – a subaru badge or a toyota badge? I would lean towards the subaru badge more!

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