News: Elton John’s Jaguar E-Type Brings $130,000 At Auction

A beautiful 1965 Jaguar XKE 4.2-Liter Series I Roadster that was formerly owned by Sir Elton John sold at auction in Oxford, England yesterday for an impressive $130,027 (£82,140).

The Jag was purchased by the Rocket Man in 1987 and stayed with him until 2001 when it was sold at auction alongside several other vehicles the singer owned. During that time the car earned the nickname “OK Elton” because of its unique registration number (OKE-1).

While the fact the car was owned by John certainly adds some value, as you can see from the pictures the car is truly a beautiful old Jaguar regardless of ownership history. Amazingly the restoration work on this E-type was performed in 1979. 33 years later it certainly appears to be one of the better things that came out of the later part of the seventies.

Story by Jalopnik

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