Hot Hatches Will Rule… Soon

The reign of Subarus on the streets of Nairobi maybe coming to an end … I say that with caution lest I get ‘Baraza’d’

To explain myself… there’s a breed of Hot Hatches that have come into town and are packing more heat than Kenblest’s oven…. i.e… The 380bhp Ford Focus RS!

The only Subaru I know that comes close to that is Shailen’s MY03 and it packs 377bhp.

A couple of weeks ago on the corridors of Milimani Commercial Courts, I bumped into Bob Kaugi who told me he’s bringing in a ‘Bad Dudu’ (yes, even when we are in court, we have time for car talk:-P) and we exchanged contacts… weeks later, the pictures landed in my inbox…

The hot hatch in question is a Mitsubishi Colt Plus Ralliart…

I will do a full feature on the car when it lands… and have it on AMS Dyno to see what it packs… just keep it here… and subie owners… watch your back… its no longer safe:-p

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4 thoughts on “Hot Hatches Will Rule… Soon

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