News: Ducati 1199 Panigale

The all-new Ducati 195bhp 1199 Panigale with ABS, traction control, electronic suspension could now be the new benchmark for big bore sports bike.

The chassis is actually the engine, with the air box becoming the main stressed member.

The swing arm bolts directly to the block, MotoGP-style. It’s also the first bike to feature full LED lights.

After an hour on the bike around the Yas Marina Circuit, Noel Ebdon confirms that its brakes are excellent, drive out of the corners is amazing.

It’s also extremely stable and predictable, albeit with the traction control helping out when you get a little over exuberant.

In race mode it’ll also allow you to record and download your lap times.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about the 1199 is that with its short chassis and wider bars, it feels like a Japanese four-cylinder bike… not sure how that’ll go down with the Ducatisti, but this changes the game for the Italian manufacturer.

Story by Noel Ebdon for Crank & Piston

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