Dt. Dobie Nissan Challenge Day 5 Pictures

The Dt. Dobie Nissan Challenge came to an end yesterday after 5 pick ups covered 2,500kms to deliver relief food to Lodwar. The last leg of the journey wasn’t for the faint-hearted as they were battling elements like excessive heat, hostile communities and extremely rough terrain but the pick up for the job, The  Nissan Patrol christened ‘Champions Choice’ was up to the task.

Here are some pictures of the action.

Thank you to Bobby

and the Nissan Challenge crew who kept us updated every step of the way!

Pictures courtesy Dt. Dobie Nissan Challenge on Facebook.

Visit www.nissanchallenge.dtdobie.co.ke, Twitter – #nissanchallenge or Facebook page


10 thoughts on “Dt. Dobie Nissan Challenge Day 5 Pictures

  1. Nafterli, any of your boys from the Bike Association here in Vegas at the Monte Carlo? There is a HUGE group of Kenyan guys repping with shirts and scarves. Didn’t get a chance to ask what was going on, but just thought to ask bc Im here in Vegas.

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