Feature: Bundu Rovers Club

Way back in 2008 a couple of guys used to meet at a garage to have this and that fixed on their Land Rovers

They’d talk about the machines and the things they did with them and why they needed fixing or some modifying and slowly these conversations came to a head with one conversation about doing more than just meeting at a garage.

That was the birth of Bundu Rovers! They were in agreement that they needed to put something together to get other young (and the young at heart) like minded Land Rover owners on board – a for us by us initiative – and on their many discussions and workings around how to best organize this led to Bundu Rovers Club!

Bundu Rovers Club seeks to demystify the Land Rover and all it stands for among 4×4 lovers, the young and the young at heart, owners and aspiring owners of 4x4s, to share in the thrills that one can only experience in the best range of 4×4s ever made, and to definitely have a different kind of fun especially off the tarmac!

The adrenaline and high thrill of off-roading with a standard Land Rover and not having to modify it to Rhino Charge specs sums it up!  “We seek out thrills and go out and enjoy them!  We recognise right from the beginning that our thrills are hidden in nature and so it has been an integral part of our enjoyment to keep nature solid and clean.”

Besides engaging in drives, camping, training, family fun & pay and play days at various places, Bundu Rovers Club is in touch with their green side and are actively involved in tree planting activities with the Nairobi Greenline Initiative.

Bundu Rovers Club also organizes an annual Land Rover Appreciation Day dubbed Xtremefest – a Land Rover centric family fun day where guys get together with their rovers and there’s a mix of owners, 4×4 enthusiasts, service providers and the general public in a fun filled carnival atmosphere with good food, music and lots of activities – drives around a prepared course, off road ‘stunts’ – recovery, winching and more.

Bundu Rovers Club is a Landrovercentric club.  Full membership is open to Land Rover Owners! They however welcome owners of 4x4s to their various events and are always ‘down’ for a friendly duel between different makes, even as they hope to ‘convert’ more to the more intriguing sibling rivalry between Range Rover, Discovery and Defender!

To join the fun…

Join Bundu Rovers Club this Saturday…

Or visit www.bundurovers.co.ke, the blog: bunduroversclub.blogspot.com or email  club@bundurovers.co.ke or bundurovers@gmail.com.


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