2012 KCB Micro Banking Rally In Pictures

The 1st event of the 2012 Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) dubbed the ‘KCB Micro Banking Rally’ was held over the weekend at Nyeri. The rally was special to the locals as no event was held in that region for over 20 years.

Carl ‘Flash’ Tundo won the event followed by Ian Duncan & Alastair Cavenagh took the last podium place. Here are a couple of pictures courtesy Simon Mulumba of CMONCY Images.

Fly 540's Don Smith (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Izhar Mirza (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Peter Horsey's Datsun 'debe' Pick up powered by Evo 8 Gear (c) CMONCY IMAGES

The Legendary Ian Duncan Evo 9 (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Baldev Chagger N16 (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Alastair Cavenagh Evo 9 (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Ian Duncan Evo 9 (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Azar Anwar Evo 8 (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Onkar Rai Subaru N12 (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Joe Muchiri Subaru GC8 (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Peter Horsey Moto Moto (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Ian Freestone Ford Escort MK1 (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Alastair Cavenagh (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Sammy Nyori Vitz RS (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Alex Horsey Evo X (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Aslam Khan Porsche 911 (c) CMONCY IMAGES

Such a Show Stopper! (c) CMONCY IMAGES

All pictures here are copyrighted to CMONCY IMAGES.


8 thoughts on “2012 KCB Micro Banking Rally In Pictures

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