Nairobi-Eldoret-Nairobi Recap

Yesterday, my pal & I went on a mini road trip to visit his daughter in school.

296 Kms One Way

His beloved Subaru BH5 TX Manual was our preferred mode of transport. We had changed the timing belt, clutch, pressure plate, release & pilot bearings a month ago & did minor service on Wednesday… so it was looking good!

2002 Subaru BH5 TX Manual

After fueling a full tank of Shell VPower, we strapped the kids in & set out at 06.15hrs. This was going to be a slower drive as we had kids in the car..

Hit the Road. Pic via Nokia N9

I wanted to test the 8MP camera of the Nokia N9 so I decided to use it as my camera for the day…

Mt. Longonot At Dawn. Pic via Nokia N9

Lake Naivasha. Pic via Nokia N9

The Roads. Pic via Nokia N9

106 Kms to go. Pic via Nokia N9

Railway line. Pic via Nokia N9

Woods. Pic via Nokia N9

Sights. Pic via Nokia N9

Climbing Lane. Pic via Nokia N9

That was the last pic I took and I took over driving with 90kms to go…. It was a fun drive, the car was on point, the kids were asleep and no stupid drivers on the road. We got to Eldoret safely at 10.10 am and were asked to wait till 11am as the kids were still in class.

Random Shot. A Herd Of Cattle. Pic via Nokia N9

11am came quickly and we got to hang out with the kids and had a brilliant time…

The reason. Pic via Nokia N9

Random - Thats how Huge the Exhaust tip is. Pic via Nokia N9

At 16.15, we started our journey back… I was behind the wheel and the goal was to be past Nakuru before dusk. Those that have used this route at night know it’s a pain in the eyes as oncoming traffic drives with Full Beams and spotlights making it really hard for the other drivers. Past Molo and the yumpy Timboroa, we hit a Diversion that was really bad!!

Diversion. Pic via Antony's BlackBerry

So much dust, I was on full beams and sometimes I couldn’t see anything!

Diversion. Pic via Antony's BlackBerry

There were logs, broken down trucks and boulders and very rough. Made for a really bad driving experience, I was surprised the kids didn’t wake up.

Diversion. Pic via Antony's BlackBerry

We rejoined the main road at the infamous Sachangwan and enjoyed the rest of the journey.

Sunset. Pic via Antony's BlackBerry

We made it to Nakuru by 18.45 and were home before 9pm. We covered 583Kms and had fuel that can last for another +70 Kms. I loved the drive, it was therapeutic and made the petrol head in me happy:-)


7 thoughts on “Nairobi-Eldoret-Nairobi Recap

  1. The photo of the BH5 is an old one, the dent behind the rear wheel is fixed and the running board was trashed. Thanx bro for your company.

  2. Haiya I see us talking to Ken for the Van next time! King’ori, plan for 3rd March, we take off @ 6am

    Regarding Kaiko, you just treat us with a full plater.

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