1 Month Old!

Ferarri 458 (c) Linhbergh

I am just a young ambitious man who sought to share the cogs that move my world with you and you gave me an opportunity to… I can never thank you enough.

Today the blog is a month& a couple of hours old and I have to say thank you for bookmarking, visiting, liking and even leaving comments.

I want to thank the content providers who allowed me to blog their work; Jalopnik, Speedhunters, Stance Nation, 1013mm, Stance|Works, Depth Of Speed, Maiham Media, Jonsibal, Cars Move Us, Stance is Everything, Amaury Laparra, Asphalt Heritage, CMONCY Images, Downshift AUS, Noriyaro, HellaFlush, TheThrottleLinhbergh& RoyKing and the others that will be coming on board.

I want to also thank my friends who have been cheering me on, Issac Osiemo, Vee, Mercy, KevDaNative, Evans,Amaan,  Avin, Bill Caswell and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Thank you ever so much. 4,386 hits is a more than I ever dreamt of for a first month but with you on board, it’s been possible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Remove Before Flight (c) StanceIseverything.com


12 thoughts on “1 Month Old!

  1. Yup All Thanks to you too Gangsta..I am learning alot more about cars from you..:-)) You are soon to be crowned Don Naf..the underworld Don of the Car porn..Now that is a titlle i can look forward to..Keep up the Drive, Spirit and Ambition….Need i Say more…

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