Kenyan Bikers Doing it BIG

I know many enthusiasts in Kenya already know this but it doesn’t make it less deserving a post. The Kenya Bikers Outriders Association has been doing it BIG!

From investing in Awesome machines

To doing shoots to promote Friday night basketball

To Having their own dedicated ‘Dyno Day‘ at the AMS Dyno

To making the KiambuRing their home… and that’s what I want to focus on at the moment.

Our friend, RoyKing put together a quick trailer to give us a hint of whats coming our way…. soon.

That said, DJ Stylez gave us a full +11minutes Helmet cam clip of him thrashing his 200hp Santander Liveried Yamaha R1 at the KiambuRing! Enjoy!

Pictures courtesy: RoyKing & Naftali Thaithi

Footage Courtesy: RoyKingFNB Kenya & Kenya Outriders Association


16 thoughts on “Kenyan Bikers Doing it BIG

  1. I def could not roll with you boys and your your big boy toys. I’ve got my little, bright yellow 2007 Ninja! Don’t make fun! I’m a girl and I’m little! It’s all the power I need! Great pics guys! If I’m ever in Kenya, I want to come watch and take footage of you boys and your bikes!

      • u guys fuckin’ rock!!!!jst can’t believe thats in kenya,its cool, a whole new dimension…….

  2. Suhweeeeeeeeet….
    Its time I convinced my wife to let me get on that Honda V-Max….
    Awesome pics and videos bruv.
    Once Barbarella is out of the garage I’m sure she’ll wanna hang with these boys!

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