Things Go South…. Fast!

I honestly hope you are among the 7 million people who have seen the Motorcycle vs Car Drift Battle 2 shot by Icon Motorsport… If you haven’t, here it is

Toward the end, Officer Danny crashes out and I was among the guys who wanted to know what when why did he overcook it and flip(ped).

Now we have an answer *phew*, “The car in the incident was Dan Brockett’s personal 1989 240 SX missile car. We had just wrapped up the last shot of the video and were packing our gear after a long day of filming. Dan and Ernie wanted to take “one last ride” (The second most infamous last words beside “Hey, Y’all Watch This”.) Although the outcome of this video was indeed scary, nobody was seriously injured and luck was on our side this day. Dan lost control in literally the only runoff area of the entire road that isn’t a cliff. We show this as a reminder of how quickly things can go wrong, and the importance of proper safety equipment.”

You can watch what happened after the infamous ‘One Last Ride’ below

Moral of the story, Always remember to put your safety first, things can go south…. Very fast

Pictures & footage courtesy Icon Motorsport


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