Feature: Thru Their Lens – RoyKing

Limuru Twisties - Bikers Do Tea ©RoyKing

It was a Monday morning, I recall logging onto Facebook and going through car enthusiast groups and when I got on Hot Rides in Kenya , I saw the admin had added these really dope pictures of Bikers tackling the Limuru twisties. I loved the shots, the stunts, the editing and I immediately BBM’d Aash Shiko asking if he knew Roy King- the photographer and if he had his contacts. Unfortunately, he didn’t have his digits and I switched to plan B, approach a biker. I inbox(ed) Charles Kimenyi and he happened to know him and got me Roy’s number. I got in touch with him, he was game and this is his story….


My Names are Roy Wachira, I am a Creative Marketing Consultant based in Nairobi, Kenya. On the side I love doing Photography, Riding and Outdoor Adventure.

Westgate Auto Show ©RoyKing

Limuru Twisties - Bikers Do Tea ©RoyKing

Quattro Cross ©RoyKing

I love photography because of the power photography has in that it allows us to capture A Time, A Moment, A Feeling and allows us to relive that moment when we look at the photo even after 50 years or more.

Hon. Martha Karua riding a Hayabusa ©RoyKing

MotoX ©RoyKing

Westgate Auto Show ©RoyKing

I also love photos because of the Aesthetic importance of slowing down life; I think we live our lives tooooooo fast that we don’t get time to notice the things which we encounter on the way.

Narok Charity Bike Ride 2011 ©RoyKing

The eyes ©RoyKing

Limuru Twisties - Bikers Do Tea ©RoyKing

I love framing, I love being able to frame a Picture with one Eye and see how it will look. I also love texture and selective focus, I appreciate shooting in Natural Light rather than Artificial Light, Natural light is harder to grasp since it always changes it always forces u to change etc.

Godzilla ©RoyKing

MotoX ©RoyKing

Monster ©RoyKing

I love the ability of Photography to capture an Era. I would like to be able to capture the Urban Scene for My Generation in order to leave a Testimony of how things were in my Era.

Limuru Twisties - Bikers Do Tea ©RoyKing

Soar to the heavens - MotoX ©RoyKing

Limuru Twisties - Bikers Do Tea ©RoyKing

Limuru Twisties - Bikers Do Tea ©RoyKing

Westgate Auto Show ©RoyKing

Visit his website RoyKing

Facebook RoyKing Ltd

See more of his work on Tumblr or Flickr.

Follow him on Twitter @RoyKing_


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