08/58: Accelerate Change

Part 08 of the excerpts from 100 Ways To Motivate Others

My role as a leader is always to keep my people cheered up, optimistic, and ready to play full out in the face of change.

Most managers don’t see this as their job. They see their job as being babysitters, problem-solvers and firefighters. In the face of change, this dysfunction is most painfully revealed.

Employees pass through four stages in the cycle of change:

1. Objection: This can’t be good.
2. Reduced Consciousness: I really don’t want to deal with this.
3. Exploration: How can I make this change work for me?
4. Buy-in: I have figured out how I can make this work for me& for others.

As a good leader, I want to understand the change cycle so that I can get my people to stage 4 ASAP so I prepare myself to communicate about this change in the most enthusiastic and positive way possible.

© Steve Chandler. Off his book app, ’100 Ways To Motivate Others- How Great Leaders Can Produce Insane Results Without Driving People Crazy’

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