When I published the 1st post 6 days ago, I wasn’t sure how this bone basic blog would be received locally. I took sometime to find the right theme that would project the images that will make 99% of the blog and when I got it, I shared the link on twitter 2 days ago. I didn’t get lots of hits/comments except from Kamal Kaur… Yesterday however, i took the plunge & posted the link on my FB page and magic happened. We did over 100% in hits, had people paste the link in their Group Pages and constructive criticism started flowing in.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who visited the blog yesterday. Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback and a special thank you to the ones who shared the link on their pages.

To mention those that did leave their names, thank you to Kamal Kaur, Mercy, Issac Osiemo, Aash Shiko, Solomon Colt Amon, Absalom Edwin, Absalom Edwin, Avin Galot, Ashfaq, Ahmir Malik, Temba Mazvimbakupa, Rehana, Krupal, Evans Muriu& Mista Lobsta

Many thanks for the support, I pray hope you will find great posts daily. Bookmark it.

Visit Daily. I will try and make it worth your while.


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